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Our Mission

The Bend Bowmen Archery Cub is dedicated to:

The promotion of the sport, safety and love of archery and bowhunting through our community as a holistic, lifelong learning, connection to self and nature.We advocate and facilitate archery for our youth and support youth programs such as National Archery in Schools Program
Through continued support and involvement with our community, local and state sporting organizations, we instill confidence, safety, and knowledge in our members and future members to insure the preservation of archery and bowhunting.
We promote the importance of conservation of our natural resources, fisheries, and wildlife for the enjoyment of all generations current and future members, hunter and non-hunter alike.

​3-D League

Kids Indoor 3-D

We Are:

- an organization that has a 200 + membership that continues to grow.
- supportive in youth and women’s programs.
- continued involvement in local and statewide Organizations
- a family friendly atmosphere with very active members who foster archery education and promote life long learning.


We have numerous events throughout the year from full competitive events to Indoor Spot League and Indoor 3-D League.

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